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In mid-April, the IRS began issuing stimulus payments to qualifying individuals. This has come with a host
of issues from people claiming payments have been sent to wrong accounts, being underpaid, and worst
of all not receiving payment at all. Let us break down some of these issues and how to navigate a

Some past due debts reduce repayments

According to the law, the Treasury Department (BFS) grants tax credits to the tax administration and runs the Treasury Transfer Program (TOP). Under TOP, the FSO can reduce the taxpayer's credit and replace the credit in full or in part. This is done to pay overdue federal taxes, state income taxes, state unemployment benefits, alimony, marriage benefits, or other tax-free federal debt such as student loans.

The FSO will deduct the refund to settle its debts and will send a notice to the taxpayer if this occurs. Any part of the balance that remains after the balance is paid by check or deposited directly with the taxpayer in the refund as originally requested.

In addition to the TOP, the reimbursement amounts can also be adjusted due to changes in the tax return by the IRS. In this case, the taxpayer will receive a notification explaining the changes. Where is my credit? It also reflects the reasons for the credit if there is a change to the tax return. has more information about refunds.

Save electronically and deposit directly

Most taxpayers get their refunds faster by filing an electronic report and making a direct deposit. It's easy, safe, and secure. This is the same electronic transfer system that stores nearly 98 percent of all social security and veterans matters in millions of accounts.

Taxpayers choose it as their credit method through their tax software and by entering their bank account number and routing number. Taxpayers can also notify their tax advisor that they want a direct application. It is also available to a small number of taxpayers who continue to submit paper documents.

Refunds must be paid into the accounts on behalf of the taxpayer, on behalf of the spouse, or in both cases directly if the account is a joint account. No more than three electronic credits can be deposited into one financial account or prepaid card. Taxpayers who cross the border will also receive an IRS report and a paper refund. tax services Sacramento Regardless of whether the taxpayer files an electronic or paper application, a direct deposit gives them a faster refund than a paper check.

For more tips and resources, see the Get Ready page, which provides an overview of the tax period.

Welcome to the Media Resource Center - online tools and information straight from the source, available in English, Spanish, and more. Below are links to various resources and media files to help you report the latest tax news. We have press packs, press releases, and public service announcements, as well as audio bits, radio points, and more.

Social media

The IRS participates in the following social media platforms, including:

YouTube: The IRS has video channels that provide short, informative videos on a variety of tax topics in English, American Sign Language (ASL), and several foreign languages.
Twitter: IRS tweets include a variety of tax returns, tax professional assignments, and hiring initiatives.
Facebook: The IRS has Facebook pages that send valuable tax information to tax professionals and those who need help solving long-standing IRS problems.
LinkedIn: The IRS LinkedIn Page sends important tax information, updates, and communications from the IRS.
Instagram: The IRS's Instagram account shares tax information so people can prepare for tax season and make changes to the tax law. It also provides up-to-date information on tax fraud and regularly exchanges information in Spanish and other languages.
The IRS has also updated the IRS2Go smartphone app, which allows you to interact with the IRS via your mobile device. The mobile application includes the following features:

Get credit status.
Make a payment.
Here you will find free assistance with preparing your taxes.
Stay in touch with the IRS.

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