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Updated: Nov 22, 2023

What's going on with California Gas Prices?

Gasoline price changes in California are primarily driven by the cost of global crude oil and significant unplanned refinery outages. Currently, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is causing crude oil prices to increase and remain volatile. Gasoline prices are highly sensitive, so any shift in supply and demand changes what you pay at the pump.

Filling up the tank in California also costs more since gasoline prices are higher on average than the rest of the United States for a few reasons. These reasons include the isolated nature of the state’s transportation fuels market, a special gasoline recipe that reduces air pollution, environmental program costs, and taxes.

Our accredited services for tax preparation offered by our certified tax preparers improve your profitability and efficiency by freeing business’s resources to focus on value-adding client solutions and achieve an ideal work-life balance, leading to higher client satisfaction and employee motivation.

What makes TaxMax® Services special? 

Our extensive knowledge about income tax preparation, our commitment and exuberance to give 100% satisfactory service to clients and our choice of products is only the start of what businesses can expect from TaxMax® Services’ professional and certified tax preparation team.

Whether you want our tax preparation services for personal or maybe business taxes, you can always count on us to support you and dynamically dig out your requirements, minimum legal tax liabilities or the biggest refunds at the time of tax preparation. You can shift your focus on improving your client relationships leaving your tax processing and functions to our efficient team.

We pride on our vast experience in all kinds of tax reporting, preparation, and management for all-size businesses. If you take our tax preparation services on-board, you are assured to have a secured delivery of work completed using industry-best tax software.



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