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Outsource it to TaxMax Services–An Experienced, Professional & Accredited Tax Preparer & Your Reliable Tax Manager!

Tax Preparation must be transparent and upfront.

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Short on time? Not a problem at all. With our Drop Off Service all you have to do gather all the proper tax forms you wish to file, come to our office, fill out several short forms and we can do all the rest for you. In as little as 60 minutes we can begin filing your taxes and will be in contact within 24 hours of receiving all proper documents. 

Tax Services in Sacramento

Come visit our TaxMax office in Sacramento to meet with a tax specialist who can assist all your tax service and preparation needs. Our knowledgeable tax preparers in Sacramento, CA are eager to help you prepare, file, and resolve any of your tax issues. We' ll work to find every deduction possible, so you get the most from your tax return and ensure you have received the best tax services available.

Our Sacramento TaxMax Services professionals are experts in identifying tax
deductions you may qualify for so you can feel confident that you are received the most from your tax return. We welcome clients of all situations here at TaxMax Services, your local tax services professionals located in Sacramento, CA.

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Where’s My Federal Refund? 

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Track your Amended Return.

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Track the Status of your CA State Refund. 

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